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About Kayla

Elemental Intuitive ~ Psychic Medium ~ Author ~ Reiki Master ~ Online and in person readings & healings

Hi, I'm Kayla.


I am an Elemental Intuitive and Author of Soul Healing for the Star Seeds.


I specialise is channeling and mystic healing, I offer all my journeys in-person, online via FaceTime and email recorded sessions.


I have spent my spent life connecting with spirit, my amazing mum Traci noticed my gifts around the age of two and encouraged me to further develop these abilities at the age of twelve by allowing me to train with some of Australia's most gifted psychic, mediums and spiritual healers.


I hold deep gratitude to all of my teachers for sharing their gifts as it allowed me to fine tune & understand my own connection that I am now blessed to be sharing it with clients all over the world one on one, and stage presence at various festivals.

I absolutely love what I do and honour each session I am blessed to share.

My favourite part of my day is when I see people reunite with spirit and past loved ones those moments fill my heart with more love than I could ever express.


My passion is to guide people through releasing their attachment to the lower vibrations that sit within, allowing them to truly step into their heart and embody the higher self, I call this coming home.


I like you are a spiritual being having a human experience, I believe part of allowing ourselves to receive in this lifetime means we are to face our shadows and to learn to love our lessons for the gifts they have given even if that means our heart has held pain, I feel my job is to guide people back to the magic we have long forgotten yet we can feel it awakening more than ever before I have gained my accreditations as a Counsellor and Reiki Master. 

I bring in all pieces of magic I have learnt along the way creating a safe, nurturing realm of love in my studio located in the Northern Rivers, NSW.


You can read about journeying with me in my offerings tab.


You can contact me on either facebook, instagram, email and mobile on the details below


I am so happy you are open to receiving the divine healing grace and I look forward to connecting with you xxx

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