Journeys with me 

Please note most are available in person and online 

Guidance Journey 

I allow myself to become a channel for spirit and to bring through messages of insight and direction on your path forward.

I connect to your guides, angels, ancestors, past loved ones and all beings of light that wish to come through for you at that time.

I surround the space in healing medicine inviting it to run through your entire auric field so that you to can receive the love of spirit.

Session is 45 mins exchange is $160


Grounded Gaia Journey

I clear all that no longer serves and begin to fill each chakra up with unconditional love and light using the beautiful Reiki energy & Shamanic medicine.

As your energy begins to receive, I gain guidance from your guides on how you can hold the energy recieved during the session in your life.

I close the space with anchoring you into the heart of Gaia and blessing your soul with angel wings, wrapping your aura in a protected bubble of golden light

Sacred sound tools and aromas may be bought into the 45-minute journey the exchange for this one is $160 for 45 mins


Soul Journey Healing 

This session begins with the Channelled Guidance and closes with the Grounded Gaia.

Please allow 1 to 1.5 hours for this journey for $220


Sound Bath Journey 

We begin with a chakra expansion exercise activating your energy centers through sound, breath and crystal bowl frequency.


I then take you deep into your core through the medicine drum to call the lower vibrations sitting within you to rise to the service, to then give to Gaia as for blessing and renewal.

We then move into the sound bath where I feel into your energy and chanell a sound bath for you using the selenite crystal bowls.

When you allow themselves to surrender to the crystal sound frequency your chanell unlocks and you drift exactly where you need to go... within finding the answers that you seek.

This session is a very personal journey with yourself.

I bring you back with the golden gong as a way of integrating all the messages and energy you have received coming back feeling in total alignment.

These sessions are $160 for 45 mins


Spiritual Counselling

During these sessions we activate the throat chakra allowing you to speak your absolute truth, this is a time to invite the rawness of your soul knowing you are held with nothing but love. 

I bring my professional learnings as a counselor along with the magic I invoke in my other sessions into the sacred space.

I allow spirit to advise what your soul is needing using various tools such as deep meditation/ hypnotherapy, energy clearing, trust, surrender, forgiveness and self-love exercises and sound.

This session is suitable for everyone of all ages from young child to adult they go for 1.5 hours and the exchange is $220


The Wiccan Witch Journey

These sessions are for individuals who would like to fine tune their connection and dive deeper into divination tools.

If you are a Harry Potter fan you could think of it like your own hogwarts experience.

We find you your very own personal daily ritual used to raise your vibration.

You can feel into which divination tools you would like to learn more about such as channelling, automatic writing, sacred space, mediumship, pendulum, cards (please note I use oracle and angel cards) cauldron, meditation and protection.

The intention with this session is that you can walk away feeling confident in your connection trusting in your abilities on your path forward.

This is a 1.5 hour journey the exchange is $220


The Anahata Journey 

This is a deep journey to really shift the old ways of being as I bring my snake Journey into the space allowing him to expand his spirit energy all around you, shredding the layers of the past. 

Often during these sessions past lives rise and together we release the karmic ties, recoding the cellular dna with the galactic beings.

This is a multidimensional session and there are various tools used throughout. 

The medicine from these sessions travel with the person for approximately six weeks, during this integration process I express the importance of allowing and honoring whatever comes up for you to really let the shift/ rebirth take place. 

It is a beautiful session taking you to the depths of your soul so that you can leave in awe of your reclaimed power.  

This is a 50 minute journey for $180


Mini Journey 

This is a 30 minute recorded Guidance Journey emailed to you with this session I ask for a clear photo of your face and any questions or areas you would like to focus on these are perfect for busy bees and the ones over seas 


The Lovers Journey 

For couples looking to go deeper, clearing the old and deepening their connection with each other this is tailored to each couple the journey is 1.5 hours and the exchange is $250


Reiki Attunements

For those wanting to step into understanding energy work be it for yourself and your own journey or for embarking on your journey as a healer.

I teach the Dr Usui method each level is charged at the same exchange of $250

This includes your manual, training and a certificate upon completion.

This is a 1.5 hour class and can be done for more than one person in a group session if requested.


Divination 4 week Journey

Recorded sessions emailed to you to listen and connect in your own time, covering teachings on trust, surrender, meditation, expanding chakras, automatic writing, mediumship, crystals, cards, grounding with Gaia, aromatic/emotional dressing, past lives and sacred ritual.

These sessions are 1 hour duration all 4 purchased together is $350 if purchased separately the exchange is $100 each lesson.


The Group Journey 

For those of you who wish to have a private intimate experience shared with your closest friends at the space of your own home or location.

This is 3 hours of magic tailored to your group the exchange is $222 per person min of 4 people.

(Please note a small travel cost will be added if outside of the northern rivers)


I run transformation retreats with my dear friend Tracey held at a beautiful location in Carrol.

These retreats are intimate and powerful. together we balance the light and the dark we have found that every person has walked away with more self-love and acceptance then they have ever held in their entire lives, what may take some months even years to find during therapy is found within two and a half days it is a true returning home process.

All of our retreats are channelled on the group's energy, they are ever changing full of potent power the exchange for these life changing journeys is $1111


I look forward to connecting with you xx 


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