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Kayla is a beautiful soul who gave me so much in my reading and healing...I received validation, comfort and hope...what more could one want..I will definitely see her again as being in her presence is a magical experience - Dianne

Hi Kayla,
Thank you so much for your beautiful work! I thoroughly enjoyed the journey with the Enlightened Tribe.

Although I knew nothing about you, when Jayne sent me the link, I immediately felt drawn to it. Just reading the description of the 'course', I already felt very safe and nurtured, and everything on the menu got me very excited. I couldn't wait to explore!

And I haven't been disappointed for one bit! Creating this warm and welcoming cocoon for us to evolve during those 6 weeks together, I felt totally connected and supported on this journey. I loved the practical (if that word can even be used for anything 'woo woo') step by step approach to get into automatic writing, connecting with spirit, healing...
Practicing on and with each other was a great way to get to know each other and build trust in our own unique gift.
I really enjoyed getting readings, insights and guidance, always right on point!

If I had to highlight one thing in particular, it is that sense of personal trust. Feeling more and more confident in my own connection to spirit, energy, and healing power.

Thank you so much Kayla for creating this amazing group and looking forward to seeing more in the Tribe!

Take care beautiful - Aurelie

Kayla is a beautiful healer that has amazing energy that is very inviting
You won’t be sorry having a treatment with Kayla is amazing and there are many to choose from
Kayla is warm caring and very understanding and has helped me through some dark times so I highly recommend this beautiful soul
If you need help or some cleansing contact Kayla she can definitely help you - Brownyn

Kayla has a very strong connection with spirit and through our 6 week course I went from not having much trust in my intuition and faith in the guidance to now starting my own business based around healing others!

So if your called or guided to her listen to the guidance, trust in that beautiful intuition and know that Kayla has spent her life connecting with spirit. She has fine tuned her connection and now is sharing it with the world.
I am truly grateful for all of her teachings.

Get ready to begin living fully connected to your higher self and get ready for everything to start happening in your life! She is an amazing mentor and teacher and she makes you feel safe throughout your journey into discovering who you really are- body, mind and spirit.

Thanks to Kayla my life has completely transformed in the space of 6 weeks.

Thankyou - Grace

Kayla is such an incredible soul! Kayla has been treating me for a few years now and everytime I see her she always fills me with so much love. I have recently had a chakra healing with her and I could not recommend it enough. The power I felt through this treatment was insane! You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much beautiful - Stephy

Kayla gave me a very intuitive reading and I felt totally relaxed in her presence. I’ve come away feeling good - Michelle

Kayla’s Enlightenment Tribe course was very powerful for me. During the course I became very empowered, after one session working with the energy of Goddess Sekhmet.

This course has helped me to use and trust my intuitive gifts, guidance and my readings for others, on a whole new level.

Over the 6 weeks, my intuition has heightened and become so much stronger. During the course I began to connect more with passed loved ones and those on the other side.

Kayla is a beautiful soul, teacher and space holder and I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to deepen, develop and fully trust your intuitive gifts and guidance. - Jayne

Very moving experience, love hearing what spirit have to say. Each time I have had some treatment from Kayla I have walked away knowing exactly what she has revealed and most time there are tears to follow. Very moving !!!! - Elissa

Kayla was recommended to us so when we visited from the UK we made sure we went to see her.

Her calming presence put me immediately at ease as she sensed that I was anxious. A reassuring hug before we started was more appreciated than she possible could have known.

My reading was informative and enlightening. It has given me lots to think about in where my future is going but this excites me.

Thank you Kayla for being you. Your amazing - Nicola

Thanks so much. You have given me a real shot of positive energy. Am so grateful our paths have crossed - Melissa

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