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Online Workshops


Return of the Cosmic Heart

My online workshops have been designed to be tailored specifically to each individual. The starting date is up to you, when you feel called to begin your journey.


Whether you are feeling the desire to explore layers of your cosmic connection or are ready to delve deeper into your own inner temple to discover, uncover, re-remember the purity of the love that flows throughout all the layers of your soul, The Return of the cosmic heart is a journey for deep bonding back with you.


When we surrender into our inner temple our connection begins to elevate, our intuition begins to speak, and we are in a space of not only listening to our guidance, but we are ready to trust it.


This is an online connection co-created with Spirit and the intention of this journey is to

🦋 Open your channel

🦅 To remember your gifts that you came into this world with

🦋 To better understand your emotions, empathy and sensitivity


There are divination tools shared throughout to teach you how to enhance these natural abilities including things such as


🔮Guided journeys & distant healing

👌Practical grounding, surrendering, visionary & mindful exercises

🔮Deepen your connection with Gaia, auric fields, crystals, angels, grids & psychic protection

🔮Sacred ceremony & ritual

🥰 Bonding with your body

🔮 Releasing blockages & holding the cosmic heart


Many of my clients wish to release blocks to gain an understanding of their connection

And how to work with it. In this journey, we uncover those blocks and release the self-doubt, judgement and learn ways to truly love all that you are… leading us back to seeing through the eyes of the cosmic heart✨️


I’m very excited to be releasing this content as I trust in the transformation that will take place and be a beautiful essential part of your next chapter.


The investment is $444 you have the option to pay upfront or you can pay weekly at $111


Each lesson will be sent via recording just like my online readings for you to do in your own sacred space.


The cosmic heart is the very centre of you it holds the energy of the source of all creation and when we bond with this vibration our connection begins to amplify our life and becomes a reflection of this divine space


Contact me to be a part of this xx

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