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Revisit our past retreats to get a glimpse of what it's like to join us. Explore the information of our previous gatherings while gaining insight into what awaits you in the future.


Welcome to Retreat with Kayla & Tracey McMahon. Our Retreats are intimate and powerful, raw & honest with a whole lot of Magic in between. Previous participants share with us- ‘I arrived with a lack of awareness of just how I had allowed darkness, doubt & disconnect to creep into my life. This weekend challenged, stretched & encouraged, I leave feeling supported and reawakened to my passion for Me again, the Sacred flow, in tune and I have embodied me - I feel aligned, I am Home’. This is not a pretty Retreat in the sense of aesthetics, we provide an amazing space but our methods, medicine and magic comes from a deep and potent place. Our connection to Mother Earth, Spirit Animal messengers, Sacred tools and Fire Ceremony along with Alchemy, sound & energy work provide the process and Path for you to journey deep within and without to different realms. You have two gifted and experienced guides to support you through the entire journey, we bring our unique magic & medicine to the space offering you different perspectives, tools, practices and rituals that you can take with you to use in your daily life, to ensure this isn’t just a fun weekend away but rather a life altering experience that is the catalyst to move you forward into living in your highest expression of who you are and what you’re here to be. Our Retreats are channelled on the group's energy, they are ever changing, full of potent powerful energy. You can expect to bond with a wide range of divination tools, creating potions, true surrender, thoat activations, meeting your divine power and stepping into your unlimited potential, healing, journeying ... this is a true returning home. This Winter Retreat will be held in Numinbah Valley, nestled amongst the trees, deepening our connection with the land and her creatures. ​ This is our first Retreat where accomodation is included and we are so excited to provide a really nurturing and homely environment Catered with nourishing vegetarian meals to warm and nourish you throughout the weekend. Lunch and dinner is provided, ingredients for breakfasts and snacks will be available in the kitchen for you to prepare for yourself as needed. We look forward to journeying with you and from the moment you book your energy will be welcomed into the energetic portal created for this experience Reach out to either of us with questions or to secure your place, then prepare for 7:7:23 to be the day that changed your life.

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