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Elemental Intuitive ~ Psychic Medium ~ Author ~ Reiki Master ~ Online and in person readings & healings

Kayla is an intuitive counsellor specialising in energetic healing and channeled readings with a passion for holistic well-being, she has honed her abilities over the years, helping individuals find their true path and embrace their inner light.


In 2020, Kayla authored her book, 'Soul Healing for the Star Seeds' co-created with spirit which serves as a beautifully illustrated guide for parents, caregivers, and children. It delves deep into the realm of spiritual growth and self-discovery, offering valuable insights and transformative guidance.


Kayla's influence extends beyond the pages of her book. She is a regular speaker at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals, where she shares her wisdom and connects with like-minded souls. In addition to her festival appearances, Kayla offers a variety of enriching experiences, including monthly circles, soul-nourishing retreats, and personalised one-on-one sessions. For those seeking a virtual connection, Kayla hosts online meditation sessions that help her followers find serenity and balance in their lives.


Kayla is the co-host of TV show 'Holistic Living,' which aired on Channel 7 in July 2023, bringing the essence of holistic well-being to a wider audience.

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Bookings for 2023 have now closed ~ Join the waitlist for 2024 ~ Next Retreat: Friday 2nd of February 2024

Work With Me In 2024

Thank you for all your love and magic in 2023.


Please contact me through this form to join the waitlist for 2024.

Thank you x

Bookings for 2023 have now closed ~ Join the waitlist for 2024 ~ Next Retreat: Friday 2nd of February 2024

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Online Workshops

An exciting online workshop which has been in the making for some time.


Kayla's online workshops have been created to start at the time you are ready as everyone has their own journey and it is tailored to the individual she is working with. Kayla trusts in the transformation that will take place and be a beautiful essential part of your next chapter.

C L I E N T   L O V E

Kayla is a beautiful soul who gave me so much in my reading and healing...I received validation, comfort and hope...what more could one want..I will definitely see her again as being in her presence is a magical experience

- Dianne

Kayla is a beautiful healer that has amazing energy that is very inviting
You won’t be sorry having a treatment with Kayla is amazing and there are many to choose from
Kayla is warm caring and very understanding and has helped me through some dark times so I highly recommend this beautiful soul
If you need help or some cleansing contact Kayla she can definitely help you.

- Bronwyn

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